Property Maximus

Property Maximus unit management was created out of the necessity for independent landlords to have the ability to accept online / molbile payments and have an accounting software system integrated along side of the payment platform; at a cost any landlord could afford. Property Maximus unit mangement is the worlds easiest online bookkeeping and ez ledger accounting software on the market. You don't have to have any bookkeeping knowledge or skills. You just enter revenue and expenses and Property Maximus will do the rest for you. You will find that Property Maximus is a simple processing platform that streamlines online payments, accounting, advertising and automatic tenant notifications and more. Designed specifically for the independent landlord with apartments, single family homes, multi family units, vacation rentals, mobile homes as well as commercial space. Please view the video below to find out exactly how Property Maximus will save you time and money!

Online Bookkeeping & EZ Ledger

Quick Tutorial Because it's EZ.

This video will walk you through the process of entering the revenue and expenses into the daily bookkeeping worksheet and how it will automatically transfer that information to your EZ ledger. Property Maximus is so easy to use it practically does the work for you. It will provide a net profit / loss statement for the whole property and breakdown any units related to that properties revenues or expenses. Property Maximus will keep track of your vendors information as well as sending email reminders to tenants prior to rent due dates and late payment notifications. Property Maximus provides these features and much more!